Wendy Houstoun - BLOODY LANGUAGE

Bloody language .
Bloody language .
Come barging in here uninvited.

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Writing artist - Wendy Houstoun and sound recordings spoken/performed by participants during the York/NEW YORK installation at the Writing Encounters symposium, September 2008

Writers Description

Bloody Language came out of a research period with Charlotte Vincent.
In the room were musicians, dancers , and a couple of us more cross breed types.
At the time we were talking a lot about silence, pauses, rests.
We were looking for space.
As I read it, we were also talking about the tension between the experience of the body and how that is put into language.
If the truth be told –despite my love of language, I have always felt it to be a bit of a bully to the unarticulated ( not inarticulate ) body that daily negotiates its state.

I documented a discussion about this with just the beginnings of sentences.
All the – I think, I want, and I believe .

And I guess, as a combination of these things- the text came about.