Lenora Champagne - Priscilla

I’ve been spending time in chairs.

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Writing artist - Lenora Champagne and sound recordings spoken/performed by participants during the York/NEW YORK installation at the Writing Encounters symposium, September 2008

Writers Description

Priscilla. I'm interested in perception--in how the world looks different depending on where you stand to see, and on what you're looking for. I'm interested in representation--how the aesthetic portrayal of individuals and groups conveys their "value" in society. I'm interested in language (words, images, movement) as a means to play with and affect perception and representation. With my intricate stories and metaphors, I aim to move audiences both intellectually and emotionally--to challenge them to think and feel about the complex ways in which we are implicated in each other's stories, and in the larger society. My work is often about women and how they deal with power or the lack of it, and how sexuality and subversive thinking play into power. My background (I’m from Cajun Louisiana) continues to be a rich source of imagery and ideas for me, as are my travels to other parts of the world. Coming from an old part of the country, where more than one language is spoken, where peculiar social codes are still passed on, where racial justice is an ongoing concern, I address issues of relationships and power, responsibility and desire from a perspective that reflects my own difference.