John Jesurun - DUET

A: Two analog tape recorders will be needed for the recording of the final tape.

Writing artist - John Jesurun and sound recordings spoken/performed by participants during the York/NEW YORK installation at the Writing Encounters symposium, September 2008

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Writers Description

Duet is a piece written for one voice, two “parts” and two analog tape recorders. It is about recording the act of recording. It features a transmission from mind to words on the page, from the page to the voice, from voice to recorder and from recorder to ear as sound. In its completed form it is an audio entity which describes its purpose for “being” as the substantiation of the process of its recording. The text itself becomes a “character” with a self referential intent to shift from being words on a page to becoming sound recorded. The entire recording/reading process can be completed by one person/performer. It involves the tape recording of a live voice in conversation with a recording of that same voice.