Eisa Davis - DON’T SAY THAT

what’d you say?
where’s my frickin pen

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Writing artist - Eisa Davis and sound recordings spoken/performed by participants during the York/NEW YORK installation at the Writing Encounters symposium, September 2008

Writers Description

I don't know what I am doing. This is called exploration and if I'm not exploring my work is dead. I always have ideas about what I'd like to do, but most often, when I begin to write, my work takes on its own momentum and ignores me. I may be able to talk about what I've done in hindsight however, so I'll try to do that here. I've been playing music and writing for the same length of time, which is practically my whole life. My grandmother always encouraged me to 'sound it out' when I read, so that's perhaps why I've enjoyed literature's orality, its music; why I became a playwright rather than a novelist. I love hearing people speak at a ceremonial level (legal arguments, political speeches, academic talks) and I love unusual slang, community languages, and unselfconscious speaking as well. I love speech in verse. Moments when people are so eloquent or so quotidian you have to stop and listen--I'm interested in that.